Main topics at Forest Romania 2019!

 The schedule of events organized as part of Forest Romania 2019 focuses on the main topics of interest for the forestry sector in Romania. In 2019, the main theme will be 

 "Sustainable forest management: an active contribution to climate protection!"

The sustainable use of the forest fund is a necessity and a fundamental prerequisite for developing the potential of Romanian forests, for stabilizing the climate and reducing CO2 emissions. Efficient use of wood resources as a renewable raw material is unique, as it offers not only a wide range of uses for the material but also the potential for energy production. Thus, sustainable forestry concepts that minimize risks, as well as improved forest production processes to obtain optimal solutions for the preservation of forest and soils, are the main challenge for the forest sector.  

The fair provides an opportunity to meet experts: representatives of the scientific community, the industry, relevant associations and practicing forestry specialists.

 Together with FOREST ROMANIAs partners: Ocolul Silvic Ciucaş R.A. Târlungeni, Romanian Forest Association - ASFOR, Romanian Forest Administrators Association - AAP, University of Transylvania Brasov, Faculty of Forestry and Logging, ROMSILVA - The National Forest Administration – we organize conferences, forums and practical demonstrations at the fair brought together under the name DLG Special, on all current issues in the forest sector.

 DLG Specials and Forums

 Discussions with our partners have yielded several interesting themes for conferences and practical demonstrations:

  • Forestry in the context of climate change – the core theme of FOREST ROMANIA, edition 2019
  • Planting - what are the tree varieties that can cope with constantly changing climate? (DLG Special - Perfect Plant)
  • Forest roads - construction and maintenance. Put an optimal infrastructure in place as a fundamental requirement for sustainable forest management (DLG Special & Forum)
  • The labour market in the forestry sector - prospects in Romania or only abroad? (Forum)
  • Efficient and safe wood harvesting - Optimized working techniques and logistics solutions (DLG Special)
  • Innovative wood measurement methods - a way to ensure transparency and trust in the forest sector (DLG Special)
  • Use of wood for energy - climate friendly and resource efficient!
  • Forest protection and sustainable forestry - two concepts do not need to be antagonistic!



Highlights from the programme of Forest Romania 2019:

LOGGING ARENA - presentations of harvesting, handling an transport technologies for Wood

Cable Systems demonstrations

DLG Special - Practical demonstrations

  • Perfect Plant - Methods of afforestation. Strategies for afforestation.
  • Safe Harvesting - Work safety and protection
  • Road Building
  • Wood measurement

Forum, conferences, meetings with forestry specialists

  • Forest roads - Construction. Maintenance. Legal Frame
  • Trends on labor market
  • Wood - from harvest to final product

Practical demonstrations at the exhibitors' stand